Why Should I Recycle Used Motor Oil?

There are numerous items that can be reused and recycled. One of these is used motor oil. Surprisingly enough, motor oil can be filtered and refined in order to be utilized as oil for lubricating purposes. Recycling paper, plastics, aluminum, steel, glass and cardboard are commonly known, but motor oil remains overlooked by many. Yet, the petroleum industry and dozens of concerned environmental organizations are calling for the recycling of motor oils and other petroleum-based products that are not hazardous to human health.

In questioning the importance of recycling motor oil, it is important to understand what this recycling process transfers into. For example, two gallons of used oil is enough to power a regular-sized household for a period of 24 hours. It’s amazing to think that this seemingly dirty leftover, even in small quantities, has the ability to provide electricity for an entire house! What many would consider completely trashed materials – such a oils drained from engines – are accepted in donation centers, as they are re-purposed and reused, thanks to a thorough procedure of sifting, refining and reprocessing.

So, the next time you change that oil and find yourself with what may first appear to be useless leftover liquid, remember that once refined, used oil is a valuable commodity in both residential and commercial facilities. Making the decision to recycle leftover oil – whether by finding your own uses or turning it into specific facilities geared toward the recycling process for oils – is one that helps the environment while also conserving and reusing energy sources.