Why Should I Recycle Paper?

Recycling paper is an easy, quick and economical means of reusing an otherwise tossed out commodity. Read below for the best reasons to recycle paper – and where these re-manufactured paper products wind up.

1. The primary reason to recycle paper is to conserve natural resources. As paper is made from the pulp of wood, each piece literally translates into the contribution of the death of a tree in order to fabricate a completely new material. Yet, trees play a vital role in the delicate balance of our ecosystem, particularly as it relates to oxygen and clean air. In making the decision to recycle paper, you are making the decision to save the life of a tree – a choice that should be an easy one to make.

2. A second reason to recycle paper is to prevent it from winding up in landfills. According to the EPA, despite the massive influx in computer and virtual data base storage, the volume of paper production has not been affected, and continues to be a major problem in landfill space usage. With recycling options for paper at an all-time high, lessening new manufacturing is a simple fix for this problem.

3. A common method of reducing landfill waste brought on by paper products is incineration. Yet, burning results in ash and additional atmospheric pollution – a preventable pollution when items are instead recycled and reused.

4. Energy is always a major concern in the world of recycling. In the case of paper, the recycling process requires half the volume of water in production as compared to newly-manufactured materials. Consequently, less energy is used in the process.

Thanks to the simplicity of recycling paper-made products, public and private sector groups worldwide are continuing to develop creative solutions for reuse of this major commodity. From paper mâché to dolls, stationary and an extraordinary variety of crafts, the possibilities are truly endless. And, with the line listed benefits recycling paper provides – energy saving, landfill reduction, environmental conservation and more – it is apparent that recycling paper is an absolute must.