Why Should I Recycle Iron And Steel?

Recycling iron and steel is a significant way to conserve natural resources, while also providing the benefits of saving money and even adding a small supplemental form of earnings to a household or company income. Known as scrap metals, iron and steel are commonly recycled items, as in their recycled form they maintain an extremely similar quality as that of newly-manufactured materials.

Utilizing magnets, retrieving iron and steel – particularly from construction site debris – is a relatively simple task. These metals can also be readily found in old household appliances, and of course, old vehicles. At present, iron and steel’s recycling rate is more than 60% higher than that of plastic, glass and even aluminum. In a matter of seconds, six hundred cans can be made from these recycled products, contributing to a yearly total of nearly 19 billion recycled cans each year. Perhaps an even more impressive feat, in Europe alone 22 million cars have been recycled, equaling 3.2 million tons of reproduced steel.

So, why should you recycle iron and steel? Beyond the benefit to the environment via keeping these items from landfills and saving energy recycling as opposed to manufacturing new, there is a potential personal benefit as well. Space-eating metals like these are quick to clutter backyards and garages; however, with many facilities offering cash incentives for scraps of these materials, not only is recycling the environmentally-friendly decision, but one that can result in a monetary reward as well.

With continued economic prosperity in well and still-developing nations alike, iron and steel is a hot commodity in the construction of new structures worldwide. In looking at the energy savings, the cost savings, and the personal opportunity to make a little cash, the benefits of recycling these scrap metals are apparent. Appearing brand new once recycled, iron and steel are fantastic recyclable materials with the added bonus of a little pay off for the person doing the good deed of recycling.