Why Should I Recycle Cardboard?

Worldwide, cardboard is an important material to recycle. With both households and companies utilizing millions of pounds of this textile each year, the need to recycle – as opposed to discard as dead waste – is imperative. Considering the endless recycling possibilities we have available to us for recycled uses of cardboard, choosing to recycle instead of toss should be a no-brainer.

In recycling cardboard, it is important to note that it is classified into two types. The first of these is corrugated cardboard; considered messy and inconvenient due to its varying shapes, sizes and uses, corrugated cardboard is most often found as packaging material. The second classification for cardboard is paperboard – a flat, more standardized form of cardboard that is frequently utilized in the packing of cereals, processed and frozen foods and more. Both types of cardboard are commonly accepted materials in recycling depots, particularly when they have been broken down to their most stackable form.

More than 85% of goods sold in today’s market use cardboard in their marketing and presentation. With such a staggering figure, it is extremely apparent that recycling cardboard is not merely good policy, but heavily necessary. We heard it in school growing up and continue to hear it today – trees are essential in the production of the world’s oxygen. With the average mature tree absorbing 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and releasing enough oxygen to support two people for that year, recognizing the energy it takes to produce new materials versus the savings of recycling such materials is key. Simply put, the energy it takes to produce new cardboard is wasteful and unnecessary – as is the tens of millions of pounds of cardboard tossed out each year. Cardboard’s recycling process is simple, effective and readily available, and as such should be utilized whenever possible. Between the growing waste in landfills and the degeneration of trees due to wasteful creation of new materials, it is apparent that recycling cardboard is an important effort that all citizens are responsible for taking part in.