Which Types Of Paper Can Be Recycled?

Nearly all forms of paper products are fair game for recycling. It is staggering to think of the amount of paper a single person tosses on a daily basis. From school work to bills to endless stacks of mail, paper is one commodity that is certainly taken for granted, yet is completely recyclable.

Papers that are of high grade – which are typically whitish in color and intended for laser copiers – are the most viable for the recycling process. As such, keep your recycling bin in your office area and immediately discard these types of papers in your bin for quick recycling. With a brief de-inking process, a quality, recycled paper will be created, and this new paper will be once again on the market.

Corrugated Cardboard can be recycled as long as it has no staining, such as that from pizza grease often found on and in cardboard containers. These types of cardboard can be re-purposed into similar items over and over again. Ensure that before you recycle the cardboard, you have emptied the containers of all other objects and flattened them as much as possible. Do not store them in wet or damp places prior to sending them to a recycling center.

Paperboard, such as that used for food packaging is a another viable recycling product. When turning these into your recycling center, ensure they have been cleaned as much as possible, including removing any plastic liners that may be found inside.

The number one recyclable paper item is newspaper. Once your old newspapers have piled up at home, tie them together or neatly store in plastic bags. Once you’re ready to deliver them to the recycling center, ensure that there are no other items inserted with them, such as plastics, rubber bands, or any product samples. However, even those glossy inserts found inside newspaper pages can be recycled! And remember: newspaper is a great reusable item, particularly for storage of delicate and fragile items, such as glassware and china.