Where Can I Get A Recycling Bin?

The most important component in your personal recycling program is a good bin. Essential to both home and community projects, sturdy and functional bins are key to maintaining your recycling endeavors. Recyclable items surround us in our daily lives – think of the plastics, paper, cardboard, electronics, miscellaneous cans like aluminum, and more that you encounter each day.

Each of these has to be collected in isolation from the other, classifying the materials before you put them in their recycling containers. In addition, when you have determined what type of recycling you will pursue, you must also determine the expected capacity with regard to the amount of any particular material you expect to recycle. Ensure you are maximizing your space by not choosing a recycling bin that is wasteful of that space. If you don’t drink a lot of carbonated beverages, choose a small bin for your aluminum can needs. If you’re a writer and you print a lot of materials, choose a very large bin that is able to hold the capacity of all your papers. Shop online for different sizes or reuse old storage containers you have around the house. If located in the US or Canada, many companies and even cities offer free bins for recycling – just ask.

Needless to say, most recycle bins that are being given for free are dedicated for household use. They are already well-marked and delivered in sets for specific guidelines, e.g. a recycling bin for glass, one for paper and one for mixed plastics. Your largest responsibility is often simply bagging the different forms of plastics for easier distribution at the recycling facility. Typically made of a sturdy (and recycled!) plastic and provided by your city or local recycling location, recycling bins are great for indoor use. Place them at the end of a kitchen, entryway or mudroom to make recycling easy. These kinds of containers are manufactured with environmental considerations, designed intelligently and even attractively.

If you are unable to obtain free recycle bins, look straight to the manufacturer to save the money of paying a middleman at a store front or shopping center. There are even manufacturers who will allow you to create your own design and aesthetics for your recycling bins, so get creative in identifying your needs and branding your bins to match your space and style. So, the next time you ask where you can get a recycling bin, remember: there are many free options available, particularly in North America. If these don’t pan out, and you’re short on time for reusing items already in your space, look directly to manufacturers for the best deal. The choice to be green is yours, and a recycling bin is a great way to start.