What Are The Most Commonly Recycled Items?

In the latter part of the 20th century, recycling exploded as a popular environmental precaution worldwide. An opportunity to save materials from rotting in landfills, it is through recycling that many of our items can be converted and reused into something that is once again useful. According to statistics of both the United Kingdom and the United States of America, here are some of the most commonly recycled items:

Paper - Paper is a major player in the recycling world. 90% percent of all recyclable materials are made of paper. From corrugated cardboard, newspaper, office papers, phone books, billing statements and magazines to discarded schoolwork, paper abounds in the world of recycling.

Plastic - Not all forms of plastic materials can be recycled. While some reuse plastics by melting them for a slight chemical change into newly-usable materials, some are unable to undergo a similar process. Several types of plastic bottles can be made into a new containers for reuse with other items. Used plastic bags can be transformed into a manufactured lumber made of plastics. The makeup of each particular plastic affects whether or not it can be recycled and how. Read the material’s label carefully to find out its plastic type and recyclability. Above all, in the case of plastic, get creative: Reuse is always the least invasive method for the environment. As much as possible, find new ways to use those old containers in your home or office.

Aluminum - In the US, the most easily recycled materials are aluminum cans. In less than 2 months, a recycled can can make its way back onto shelves as a new aluminum container. The process of recycling is fast, and can be repeated over and over again for continuous reuse of this common, everyday item.

Steel - As with aluminum, there are countless cans and other goods made of steel. Steel is a popular product for construction companies, and due to miss-cutting and scraps, many throw steel leftovers away after the completion of a project. These tossed out scraps are extremely unnecessary, as steel is a versatile and easily recyclable item.

Glass - Once emptied, a glass container can easily transform into a new container useful for everything from food storage to decoration. Glass recycling can also be useful for wall insulation, tiles, and creatively manufactured kitchen counter tops. Glass always maintains its solidity and robustness, and can be recycled repeatedly, making it one of the most commonly recycled items worldwide.

Recycling has huge benefits to human wellness, economic structure and Mother Nature as a whole. By taking the most commonly recycled items under your care and assuring these items take high priority in the recycling process, you can not only help the environment, but your household budget as well!