Why Should I Recycle My Old Computer?


According to the EPA, electronic waste accounts for 70% of landfill toxins, though they only account for approximately 1% in overall volume. Why is this? Simply put, electronics – a label that includes everything from computers to even certain appliances – are comprised of complex concoctions of chemicals like cadmium, lead, mercury and a variety […]

Which Types Of Electronics Should Be Recycled?


Discarded electronic items are one of the most commonly discarded items in developing and highly developed countries. Dubbed as e-waste, the laundry list of electronic waste continues to grow as technology advances. Televisions, stereos, cell phones, computers – each and every variation of these items contains toxins and materials hazardous to the environment. When improperly […]

How To Make Money Recycling Old Items


Recycling is not only an increasingly popular practice, but also an opportunity for business-minded people to earn a supplemental income. More than ever, making money from recycling is becoming a very noteworthy and profitable venture. Helping the environment – a noble and worthwhile cause in itself – while also making money, is a win-win situation. […]