Why Should I Recycle Aluminum?


We can find aluminum almost everywhere we look. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, disposable pie tins, foil packs, sidings, building gutters, and more are made of this versatile material. Why should we recycle aluminum? The answer is quite simple: It’s a quick, energy-saving process that can be performed nearly endlessly. Read below for fast facts […]

Where Can I Get A Recycling Bin?


The most important component in your personal recycling program is a good bin. Essential to both home and community projects, sturdy and functional bins are key to maintaining your recycling endeavors. Recyclable items surround us in our daily lives – think of the plastics, paper, cardboard, electronics, miscellaneous cans like aluminum, and more that you […]

How To Make Money Recycling Old Items


Recycling is not only an increasingly popular practice, but also an opportunity for business-minded people to earn a supplemental income. More than ever, making money from recycling is becoming a very noteworthy and profitable venture. Helping the environment – a noble and worthwhile cause in itself – while also making money, is a win-win situation. […]