Why Should I Recycle Plastic?


Plastics are everywhere. They are used in pre-packaged food, as grocery bags, labels, for solids and liquids, decorations and even tools. Yet, while governments worldwide call for the recycling of plastics – and use of only recyclable plastics – there is still a major lack of statutes with regard to procedural implementation. However, a lack […]

Why Should I Recycle Paper?


Recycling paper is an easy, quick and economical means of reusing an otherwise tossed out commodity. Read below for the best reasons to recycle paper – and where these re-manufactured paper products wind up. 1. The primary reason to recycle paper is to conserve natural resources. As paper is made from the pulp of wood, […]

Why Should I Recycle My Old Computer?


According to the EPA, electronic waste accounts for 70% of landfill toxins, though they only account for approximately 1% in overall volume. Why is this? Simply put, electronics – a label that includes everything from computers to even certain appliances – are comprised of complex concoctions of chemicals like cadmium, lead, mercury and a variety […]

Why Should I Recycle Cardboard?


Worldwide, cardboard is an important material to recycle. With both households and companies utilizing millions of pounds of this textile each year, the need to recycle – as opposed to discard as dead waste – is imperative. Considering the endless recycling possibilities we have available to us for recycled uses of cardboard, choosing to recycle […]

Why Should I Recycle Glass?


We see glass everywhere – glass is used for a wide array of grocery items, as decorative pieces, for drinking and bar ware, cook tops, lighting, shelving and much more. Once glass is broken, or in the case of a container its contents are emptied, it is not often seen as useful and subsequently discarded. […]

Why Should I Recycle Aluminum?


We can find aluminum almost everywhere we look. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, disposable pie tins, foil packs, sidings, building gutters, and more are made of this versatile material. Why should we recycle aluminum? The answer is quite simple: It’s a quick, energy-saving process that can be performed nearly endlessly. Read below for fast facts […]