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Why Should I Recycle Plastic?

Plastics are everywhere. They are used in pre-packaged food, as grocery bags, labels, for solids and liquids, decorations and even tools. Yet, while governments worldwide call for the recycling of plastics – and use of only recyclable plastics – there is still a major lack of statutes with regard to procedural implementation. However, a lack of government oversight is no reason to not take the recycling of plastics into your own hands at the household level. Even in small amounts, recycling plastic is an environmentally-friendly and noteworthy contribution.

So, why recycle plastic?

Recycling provides an economic boost with added job opportunities. Thanks in part to global competitiveness, the need and popularity of recycling makes doing so a profitable business. This, in turn, aids in reducing wasted space in landfills and lessens the need for incinerators and trash burning. The recycling process is far less detrimental than new manufacturing, an added plus that results in lessening greenhouse gas emissions, a constant threat for climate change. In the short term, recycling also obviously reduces the use of raw materials – timber, valuable minerals and water, to name only a few.

From a financial standpoint, the savings are considerable. On a global level, the energy savings quickly add up, with plastic recycling taking as little as half the energy of a newly manufactured piece of plastic. On the home front, reuse is a great option for saving money, with items such as plastic containers and bottles making great reusable storage solutions and decorative pieces.

In our continued efforts and commitment to creating a greener environment for the next generation to enjoy, it is crucial we are serious in our dedication to establish and maintain a sustainable environment. Recycling plastics as a means of reducing energy consumption, landfill size and creating viable options for reuse is a noble effort that every citizen can take part in.

How To Make Money Recycling Old Items

Recycling is not only an increasingly popular practice, but also an opportunity for business-minded people to earn a supplemental income. More than ever, making money from recycling is becoming a very noteworthy and profitable venture. Helping the environment – a noble and worthwhile cause in itself – while also making money, is a win-win situation. So, how do you make money recycling? Below is a list of four helpful hints for turning your recycling side projects into cash.

1. If seeking a permanent or direct sales solution for your recycling and reuse needs, the first thing you will need is space. It is important you have your reusable items on display to encourage sales – whether that is on the shelf of a second-hand store or a weekend yard sale.

2. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow for a small shop corner or yard or garage sale, another simple method for making money recycling is to take your recyclable items to one of the many drop off centers that pay cash on the spot. Surf the web or your local paper for locations that pay money for everything from plastic bottles to glass and cans. Ask neighbors and friends if you can pick up these items for them to add even more to your bottom line.

3. Old computers and cell phones are another fantastic way to make money recycling. If they’re just taking up space in your garage or stashed somewhere in your house, turn that clutter into cash! Many computer and phone repair stores will pay cash on the spot for even non-working electronics, because of the valuable parts they can piece out to other units – everything from monitors to circuit boards.

4.Lastly, used books, CD’s, DVD’s, clothes and furniture always hold good potential for making money recycling. Don’t just toss those old items – many thrift shops and second hand stores pay cash for such items. There are also several forums online that allow you to list your items for sale free of charge. Worst case scenario, places that don’t pay cash donations will often give you a voucher charity write-off, which can help reduce your tax bill!

Recycling is easy, profitable and fun. Go find the those items that you’re no longer using and start making money recycling today. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!